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Jason Brown joins Blast Cult Upright Bass Department in Orange, CA

Press Announcement

Blast Cult is jazzed to announce the addition of luthier Jason Brown as Head of The Upright Bass Department in Orange, California.

Jason Brown has been an upright bass player and luthier for almost 30 years. His unique setups that make upright basses play to their fullest potential; whether playing arco, pizzicato, or rocking hard on a loud stage, are sought out by some of the best jazz and classical bassists in the country and the world.

He has specialised in complex repairs and restorations that have stood the test of time, and has returned many a bass from what seemed to be its grave, back to the world of the living.  From his custom orchestral C-extensions to his legendary Deuce bridge, he's been innovating and fabricating magnificent instruments through out his career. 

Brown's broad musical background and technical abilities are key ingredients for understanding the unique demands of the double bass player.  He knows what upright bass players ultimately need; as he listens closely to them and he is also a bassist himself. 

Brown was the original upright bass player in Hank Williams III (and the Damned Band) and was coincidentally followed, after his tenure, by Blast Cult’s founder and Head Luthier Jason Burns. Burns’ and Brown's paths seemed to always have much in common, and this has finally led to the logical collaboration and addition of Jason Brown to Blast Cult’s Sonic Religion.

“By joining Blast Cult, Jason Brown will be amplifying our strengths, bringing in his expertise and knowledge to the benefit of our followers and the entire bass world. Brown's experience in the jazz and classical worlds will add invaluable resources and create a wonderful stage for a brilliant move into the future of Blast Cult.”Jason Burns

Stay tuned... the best is yet to come! 

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