Blast Cult preaches the gospel of a Sonic Religion to upright bass players and guitarists the world over. Be it out of wood, metal or cloth Blast Cult products speak for themselves; turning the highest quality raw materials into durable, practical pieces of art. Committing to quality over quantity you won’t find BLAST CULT instruments in big box stores for the unwashed masses; instead, we cater to touring musicians and the collector’s market. 

Every aspect of the company is a unique experience from the cast of misfits that contribute to the crafting of each guitar to the bespoke nature of the production process itself. 

Jason Burns is from Louisiana; he talks slow and plays fast. A luthier and master craftsman, Burns rolls 20 years of experience building quality instruments that can take a beating on the road. No second fiddle to the Stand-Up, Jason is a touring musician that understands it is critical to have an instrument that can stay in one piece until the end of the tour. There's innovation and quality that go into every instrument that leaves his bench. “There’s not a lot of glory in this job, but there’s a lot of satisfaction,” Burns says.


Martin Nicholls is a double-jointed evil genius and a long time contributor to the cause. In addition to being insanely flexible, Martin is the Nikola Tesla of soundboards and a wizard of acoustic mastery.


Devotees of the CULT includes Miles Mosely (not inconsequentially named after Miles Davis) a vocalist, composer, upright bass player and a founding member of the acclaimed collective, The West Coast Get Down. If Jimi Hendrix played upright bass - you'd have Miles Mosely.


Djordje Stijepovic is a Serbian-American double bass player, singer, and composer. He is best known as the bassist for the psychobilly band Tiger Army. He is also a former member of Lemmy Kilmister’s (Motörhead) side project The Head Cat with Stray Cats’ Slim Jim Phantom on drums. His eclectic playing style contributes generously to the cauldron that is BLAST CULT.

All Blast Cult instruments are custom made if you don't find what you are looking for in our web store check out the archive sections for inspiration and place a custom order.

“There’s not a lot of glory in this job, but there’s a lot of satisfaction”