Channel Blaster II - Pickup

Channel Blaster II - Pickup

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Stereo pickup system, Made in the USA

Blender/Preamp and EQ controls integrated into our African Mahogany tailpiece. Powered by one 9volt battery that is tucked away into the back of the tailpiece. Easy access for quick battery changes although it doesn't take much power to operate. The system powers up when you plug a guitar cable into it.
It comes with a bridge transducer and fingerboard transducer. Both have our new interchangeable cartridge system which allows you to unplug the pickup element and replace with cartridges tuned for different tones. The CBII comes standard with "H.O. Rockabilly" bridge cartridge and " H.O. Slap" fingerboard cartridge.

The EQ controls on the ChannelBlaster II preamp are: 

KNOB1(top left) slap pickup volume

KNOB 2(top right) midrange level for bridge pickup

KNOB 3(bottom right) Bass level for the bridge pickup. 

Dip Switches(bottom left) control the freq range for KNOB 2, basically a parametric mid.

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